How can I create an account in Multistar Trade

Simply click on the "Sign Up", fill all fields and click on "Create Account"

What if I forgot password from my personal account

Check if the fields "Username" and "Password” typed correctly, otherwise use the password recovery form

How much does account creation cost

Creation of an account is absolutely free

Who can participate in our investment company

Participants allowed must be individuals over 18 years

Can I open multiple accounts

Each participant are entitled to only one account per ip, Your funds will be freeze, and your account will be blocked if we found that you have been operating multiple accounts

Can I change my personal profile data

After registration you can change your personal information


What payment systems can be used

You can invest via BTC and Local Currency

Do you charge any commission

We do not charge any commission

What are the minimum and the maximum limit of investment funds

The minimum deposit amount on FIAT is 10,000 NGN and $30 for BTC and Maximum Deposit amount is NGN500,000 for FIAT and $1500 for BTC

Can I open multiple deposits

You are only permitted to have 2 running deposits

How do I open a deposit

First you should add funds through your desired payment method and specifying the amount of investment then create a deposit

How soon after clearance of payment my deposit are active

Deposit with BTC payment method requires 3 confirmations in blockchain network before it gets active. And deposit with NGN payment method becomes active after fund is fully received into Company's bank account

How soon my bitcoin deposit will be active

Deposit with bitcoin will be active \on auto mode, after 3 confirmations of transaction, In any case if still your deposit not active after 3 confirmations, contact with us using support form \or write us a mail

What investment plan do you offer

We offer 2 investment plan that gives our investors opportunity to earn 130% and 140% in 15 working days, interest is credited into your account every 5 business days on VAT and daily on Business plan. Principal is returned at end of contract on both plan


When the investments begin to make a profit

Invested funds begin to make profit immediately after adding funds

How does profit accrues

Earnings are calculated according to investment plan - every 5 working days on VAT and 2% daily on Business plan


What should I do to withdrawal money from my account

First you should login to Access your Account" and click on "Withdraw" enter amount and Proceed

How long does a withdrawal take

Withdrawals on Multistar Trade are processed within 48 business hours. Kindly note that withdrawals on Fiat are dispatched within the period of 7:am GMT+1 - 12:00 GMT +1 and 15:30 GMT+1 - 20:30 GMT+1 respectively. This is for only local currency

What is the minimum and maximum amount of withdrawal of funds

The minimum withdrawal amount is 5000 NGN for FIAT and $15 for BTC The maximum withdrawal amount is not limited

Can I add funds in one e-currency and withdraw from the other

You can withdraw funds only in the way that has been used for depositing funds


Do you offer a partnership program

The customer can earn stable additional income by inviting friends or acquaintances

What affiliate program do you offer

The company offers 3% one time affiliate program

Do I need to create a deposit to participate in the affiliate program

To participate in the affiliate program participation is not required

Is the invitation of other participants required

Involvement of other participants is not required

How soon will I receive my affiliate reward

All affiliate bonuses are released instantly and paid within a day